Dong-Yo Company provides professional services with high-quality, increasing efficiency, and keep the cost down. By carefully handle all operations, we meet all the needs of each customer, and provide professional advice, perfect service, the highest quality of the products and fast efficiency. We constantly keep in touch with the latest technology, improve product standards, develop and innovate new products, upgrade operational efficiency, to provide better consumer environment.



  • 1974-03

    Tung YaoPacking Company was established.
  • 1986-09

    Head office was set up at Dayuan township.
  • 1988-02

    Cooperate with SANA corporation (Japan).
  • 1990-10

    Joined in the export market of car and motorcycle parts’ packing.
  • 1992-03

    Yangmei factory was set up for motor parts export packing service for CMC.
  • 1999-05

    Fu-Zhou factory (Fu-jian Province, China) was set up for providing packing service for South East Motor Company.
  • 2000-04

    Steel factory was set up for manufacturing steel products, for example : steel crates, steel cases, steel pallets, etc. and develop returnable and non-screw products.
  • 2003-09

    Steel factory was certified by ISO 9001.
  • 2004-03

    Steel factory was extended 3305 square meters.
  • 2004-08

    Timeber factory was certified by ISO 9001.
  • 2006-04

    Timeber factory was extended 3005 square meters.
  • 2006-06

    Yang Yee’s heavy-duty pallet business was merged into Tung Yao’s Groups.
  • 2008-01

    Steel factory was certified by ISO 14001.
  • 2013-03

    Fu-Zhou factory was closed.


Nowdays, the ideas of environmental protection have increased all over the world. The issue that how to decrease the existing pollution and possible pollution sources is becoming the most important concern in the green 21st century.

Based on the concept of reducing packaging materials, recycling and reusing our resources, we are willing to meet a global green policy.


  • 鐵箱、木箱之設計製作,裝箱及捆包工程承攬
  • 無塵室精密機台包裝
  • 機器設備裝箱、拆箱
  • 料架設計、承製
  • 裝櫃、卸櫃
  • 拖(貨)車運輸


  • Steel and wooden case design, manufacture and packing service.
  • Cleanroom equipment packing and unpacking service.
  • Heavy equipment packing and unpacking service.
  • Rack design and manufacture.
  • Loading and unloading.
  • Local Delivery.